Furkle Industries is a one-person project designed to increase awareness of the Twine hypertext language, as well as to make coding in both Javascript and Twine easier and more accessible. I have an additional focus on helping the sorts of people who do not currently typify the programming industry (people who are not cis, straight, white, etc.) learn how to code and make complex hypertext fiction. Through this, I hope to help people get the sorts of jobs in the tech sector that can provide money for medical coverage, housing, etc.

Regardless of whether you meet those criteria, if you're ever having difficulty with HTML, CSS, Javascript, or anything else to do with Twine, just click the contact button and let me know. I'll do my best to help you figure out everything.

Furkle Industries is also a general repository for my writing and code, most notably, respectively, my novel SPY INTRIGUE, and my Twine programming language, Gately. Have fun exploring the Industries!

Selected Projects


Gately Programming Language


Twine 2 Harlowe Interactive Tutorial


Twine Sound Library