About Furkle Industries

What is Furkle Industries?

Furkle Industries is a one-person web development studio specializing in fast, modern, and efficient websites for businesses, as well as code and design for interactive digital narratives.

What can Furkle Industries do for me?

Do you have a website? Do you want it to be faster, or better optimized for mobile screens and connections, or more functional? Are you planning or releasing narrative experiences that live on the Internet, and do you want them to take full advantage of the web as a platform? Don't have a website, but want one?

Furkle Industries offers a range of services from technical research and troubleshooting to full-service work on hosting, programming, operating, and maintenance for your site or sites.

What has Furkle Industries done, and who did they do it for?

A brief selection of many recent projects can be found on the Projects page.

How do I get in contact?

You can e-mail furkle@furkleindustries.com. Please provide a brief description of your objective in your e-mail.

Anything else?

I also produce open-source code and free, open platforms for the creation of digital narratives and collaboration thereon. Twine Package Manager, a public package manager for modules and themes for the Twine hypertext system, will enter public beta in Q1 2020.

The Furkle Industries code repository is here.