Click the ▶ icon to expand the list of rules for any particular selector, and the ▼ icon to collapse it.

Type one or more semicolon-separated property:value; pairs into the input at the bottom of the list, press the Enter key or the Add button to add the pairs, and click the attached x button to remove the pair. Click the Clear button next to the Add button to clear all pairs from a selector.

Hover over a CSS selector to temporarily activate the associated property:value; pairs.

Check a selector to keep them active.

Use the entry below and the Enter key or the Add button below to add your own CSS selectors! (Note: these are performed through jQuery, so some valid selectors may not function as expected. In particular, selectors containing pseudo elements will not work.)

Type HTML, plain text, or any syntax for creating Twine 2 links, and press the Enter key or the Add button to add a new entry to the tw-passage element. Any HTML will be interpreted as if it had been placed inside a Twine 2 mark element. Click the clear button to clear contents of the tw-passage element.